Pedophiles in Hollywood

For years people have quietly been talking about pedophiles hiding in Hollywood, taking advantage of young children when few others are watching. plans to change things.

We have recently gained some information that could bring to light actions perpetrated by some very popular people in Hollywood. We intend to make this information public when enough proof has been gathered that is it certain that the charged parties will go to jail for their actions.

This is why we need you!

We need any information that you have about what goes on regarding pedophilia in Hollywood. We need more proof, in any form you can provide it in.

With your help we can put these son’s of bitches in jail where they belong and help them spend their time running from others as others have previously run from them.

You may think they are too powerful, that no matter what evidence we have they will walk. This is not true! While corruption is common in this country, when enough people get angry at the right time and place changes are made and consequences are paid.

If you have any information about pedophilia occurring in show business including names, locations, patterns, dates or anything else, please email them anonymously to

After we have your information we will compare it with other information we have and if we think something can be done we will contact you in return at your anonymous email address.

Be strong and help up help others!

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